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O que é felicidade e o que se buscar no lugar dela?

Hoje eu tive um desses momentos aleatórios de extrema curiosidade.


Só pelo fundo já desconfio que é filme sobre criminosos.


Como recusar um convite:


You ask me to come and spend a week with you, which means I would be near my daughter, whom I adore. You who live with her know how rarely I see her, how much her presence delights me, and I’m touched that you should ask me to come see her. All the same, I’m not going to accept your kind invitation, for the time being at any rate. The reason is that my pink cactus is probably going to flower. It’s a very rare plant I’ve been given, and I’m told that in our climate it flowers only once every four years, Now, I am already a very old woman, and if I went away when my pink cactus is about to flower, I am certain I shouldn’t see it flower again.

So I beg you, Sir, to accept my sincere thanks and my regrets, together with my kind regards.

Sidonie Colette, née Landoy

Dou razão.


The dead, like us.



Ai, São Cícero, me proteja.


Fala aí

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